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Thursday, December 15, 2005
*** I'm posting more pictures on this entry than I've ever posted before so if your internet connection is slow, I'd think twice before you load this page ***

Coughs are Like Unwanted STDs

Okay, bad analogy but I have this cough that just won't go away. It all started about two weeks ago when I got a pretty bad cold. I've completely recovered from the cold but my cough won't subside. I heard that people who have had bronchitis before in the past (I had acute bronchitis when I was young) will suffer from bad coughing bouts whenever they are sick but this coughing is getting a little ridiculous.

I saw a doctor last Saturday and he prescribed me with some codeine cough syrup, nasonex, and Spiriva capsules with a Handihaler. That's a lot of medication to fight just a cough and I really don't see it working anyway. If I don't get better by this tomorrow, I'm going to go see the doctor again and ask to be checked for pertussis, or the whooping cough as it's commonly called, because those kind of coughs can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. The Chinese call it the 100 day cough and I don't want to see if that's a misnomer. Be gone already COUGH!!!

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Every second Sunday of the month, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena has this huge flea market where thousands of vendors come to sell antiques, paintings, and other home accessories. I honestly thought two hours would be enough time to shop (being that I'm a quick shopper) but there were just too many vendors and too much ground to cover. If you plan on going and want to find good deals, plan on being there for at least half a day.

Events Galore

There were so many events that occurred since the last time I posted. Too many actually that I'll probably only be recalling or posting half of the events. Of course, what better way to remember than with pictures...

Blasts from the Recent Past

The Rise and Fall of Joey

Joey and Winston passed the California State bar exam!!! Congrats guys! The passing rate in California is around 48% so you guys did well. Winston was actually indifferent about his good news but Joey wanted to get messed up on the night results were posted. He said that either way, he'd be drinking so a bunch of us went out to this nice little lounge in Arcadia... That's right, Arcadia. And no, I didn't mistype. I swear this Arcadia lounge is off the chain incredible. And so close to my house too. Absolutely perfect.

Brian, Peggy, and Me

Calm Waters

The Beginning of the End

Still Early in the Evening

Joey is Still Coherent

My Turn to Contribute

Joey Chugging

And Another

No Peer Pressure Here

Less Talking, More Drinking

Uno Mas

That Should Do It

Lawyer Getting Intoxicated

A Brief Respite

Bile Going Back Down

The "Hey Man I Love You" Phase

Recurring Phase

Joey & Ken

Me & Joey

Lights Are Getting Dimmer

And Dimmer...

Too Dim! Too Dim!

The Fobtory

The Factory in West Hollywood was a dead Fobtory when I went with some friends one Saturday. It's so strange because that place is usually packed with a good crowd whenever Go Productions host the parties there. But, I still had fun.

Good Times

Baron & Kimberly

Mat, Tina & Christine

Dead Lori at Hodori

Ellie's Farewell Party

Ellie left for Japan last month because she landed an unexpected job in Roppongi Hills. Ellie, you will be missed! Have fun terrorizing Japan and China!

At Boss Sushi in Beverly Hills

A So-far Calm Soiree

Ellie & Nicole

Nisei Week Royal Court

Chilling With Cammie

Flaring Nostrils With Cammie

Getting A Little Rowdy

The Most Original Cake

And Ellie Loves It

The Upstairs VIP Room at Rosen

The Singing Gala Begins

Charles & Ellie

Me & Ellie

Holding A Beer While Singing - That's Multitasking

Ellie Seducing Charles

The Look

Don't Take My Vest

Okay, Take It

Straight Up Japanese Salary Man Style

Linli's B-day

Mat, Ruby & Me

Linli and Her Boytoy

Ruby & Mat

Group Shot

Long Time no See Yashica

It was so strange seeing this girl after seven years. It was good catching up with you after so many years Yashica. Reena, you like the Monrovian now eh? hahaha. Patty Melt with Avocados! YUmmm....


Yashica & Reena

The Factory Revisited

The second time I went to the Factory, it was a completely different scene. This night was more like the other nights that I knew and grew fond of.

Me, Tommy, Stacey, Charles

Richard & Paggie

A Tommy Sandwich

Tommy & Stacey Breaking It Down

Group Shot

Nancy's Wedding

I still can't believe this girl got married. I thought she would have been single for life, being that she went through more guys in one week than anyone I knew... Congratulations Nancy and Pat!!!

The Newlyweds - Pat & Nancy

Cutting the Cake


Oh oh...

Player No More Nancy

Winston's 26th

Winston, I've been through so many birthdays with you and you've been my boy for longer than I remember. Joon took more pictures that night and I only have two. At least I got you on the camera with the Red Asian Curse. Happy b-day man.

Eunice & Joe

Mat & Winston



Heidi & Jimmy

Acting a Fool with Jimmy

Nancy & Jimmy

Pre Dry Humping

Chinese Lollipop

A Normal Pose

Natalie's 1 Year Birthday!

My niece's birthday is December 4 and she turned 1 year old. She's growing up so fast that before I know it, I'm going to start having conversations with her. The thought of that is exciting, yet kind of disturbing at the same time...

Kid Central with Mark

Happy Birthday Nat!!!

She Has No Idea What's Going On...

At Least She Has This Part Down

Sloppy But Well Done

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